Kris Howard

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Kris Howard


Dev Around the Sun 2020

"Granny was a Hacker", Dev Around the Sun, May 2020

AWS Certification Quiz Show

AWS Certification Quiz Show, Season 2 Episode 1, February 2020

Build Stuff 2019

"Knitted Disruption," Build Stuff LT, November 2019

AWS Community Day Melbourne 2019

"Serverless in Production," AWS Community Day Melbourne, August 2019

Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

"Building Applications That Last," Voxxed Days Singapore, June 2018

AWS Summit 2018 Twitch Live Stream

"State of the Nation: Women in IT ANZ," AWS Summit Sydney, April 2018

Better Tech Talks at Women Who Code Singapore

"Better Tech Talks," Women Who Code Singapore, March 2018

Total Eclipse of the Heart

"Total Eclipse of the Heart," Ignite Sydney, November 2017

My Website is Old Enough to Vote

"My Website is Old Enough to Vote," The Web Meetup, June 2017

Knit One, Compute One

"Knit One, Compute One," Zendesk "Software Art Thou" series, March 2017

My Website is Old Enough to Vote

"My Website is Old Enough to Vote," WordCamp Sydney, September 2016

Granny Was a Hacker

"Granny Was a Hacker," TEDxMelbourne, August 2016

Taking the Management Leap

"Taking the Management Leap," YOW! West 2016, May 2016

Knitting and Programming

"Knitting and Programming," SydJS, April 2016

The Tyranny of the Business Card

"The Tyranny of the Business Card," Dream Collective Career Summit, October 2015




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The best way to reach me is via email at kris.howard AT gmail, or else @ me on Twitter.

I’ve been blogging over at since 1999.